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The treasure in the forest summary

Here is the summary of story The treasure in the forest by H.G. Wells.

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The treasure in the forest summary

The story takes place in a forest in Germany during the aftermath of a battle. A group of soldiers, who were previously enemies, find themselves lost in the forest together. They are all hungry and tired, and they begin to wonder if they will ever make it out alive.

As they search for a way out of the forest, they come across an old man who is digging a hole. He tells them that he is searching for treasure that he buried many years ago. The soldiers are skeptical, but they decide to help the old man dig.

As they dig, the soldiers begin to talk about their lives and their experiences in the war. They start to see each other as human beings, rather than enemies. Eventually, they find the treasure that the old man was searching for. However, they realize that the real treasure was the friendship they had formed during their time in the forest.

The soldiers part ways, and they vow to never forget the bond that they had formed. The story ends with the old man continuing to dig, still searching for treasure, but the soldiers had already found the real treasure - each other.

Overall, "The Treasure in the Forest" is a story about the power of human connection and the importance of putting aside differences in order to find common ground.

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