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My Old Home short summary

"My Old Home" is a short story by Lu Xun, a renowned Chinese writer. The story follows the protagonist as he returns to his hometown after a long absence. As he approaches his childhood home, he is confronted with the harsh realities that contradict his nostalgic memories. The protagonist reflects on the changes in the countryside and the impending sale of his family's ancestral home. The narrative also reminisces about the protagonist's friendship with a boy named Runtu and their shared adventures. Through the protagonist's reflections, the story explores the conflict between idealized memories and the often disappointing realities of life.

My Old Home brief summary

The story "My Old Home" by Lu Xun depicts the protagonist's return to his hometown after being away for over twenty years. As he approaches his hometown, he is confronted with a desolate and lifeless landscape, which contradicts his nostalgic memories of a more beautiful place.

The person remembers their childhood and a friend named Runtu. They used to have a lot of fun together exploring the countryside. The story switches between these happy memories and the person's sad feelings about their hometown now.

The person feels conflicted because their family's old house, which means a lot to them, is going to be sold because of money problems. This makes them even more upset because it shows how things are changing and losing their value.

Lu Xun's "My Old Home" is about how it feels when you go back to your old home and everything has changed. It talks about the importance of our history and the sadness we feel when we lose our connection to the past.

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