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Devoted son

"Devoted Son" is a short story by Indian author Anita Desai that tells the story of a young man named Varma, who is deeply devoted to his father, Rakesh. Varma idolizes his father and is determined to fulfill his father's wishes of becoming a doctor. After completing his medical studies, Varma becomes a successful doctor in the city.
When Rakesh falls seriously ill, he sends a letter to Varma asking him to come home and perform a medical procedure. Varma returns home and performs the procedure, but he discovers to his shock that his father's illness was caused by his own success and wealth. Rakesh had indulged in rich and fatty foods, which had led to his illness. Rakesh dies shortly after the procedure, leaving Varma to question the meaning of his devotion and the morality of his actions.
The story explores themes such as duty, morality, and the conflict between traditional values and modern ideals in India. It also raises questions about the responsibilities of children towards their parents, and the complex relationship between parents and their offspring in a rapidly changing society.

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