SEE (2081) english model question with solutions

Hello SEE aspirants! How is your day going? Anyway, here i have provided the solution of SEE (2081) model question of english with answers. The model question below was asked in final examination in the year SEE 2080. So, practice it, and increase your confidence. If you have any confusion or queries, fell free to mail(message) as a friends at

1. Read the following text and fill in the blanks with the correct information from the text.

Sometimes it's right on the box of rice mix the high altitude version of cooking instructions. Usually this means that your rice will have to cook a little bit longer if you are in Denver or at the top of Mount Everest. Of course that's just a joke. No one cooks rice at the top of Everest. But why are the instructions even different? Why does it matter where you cook? The answer has to do with boiling water.

You ask some people on the street about the boiling temperature of water. Some might say 212°F or even better 100°C but that's not always true. As you increase your altitude above sea level, the boiling point of water decreases by about 1°F for every 500 feet increase. That means your water in Denver is going to be 203°F and this will have an impact on your cooking. But why?

  • The cooking instructions are found on the box of rice mix.
  • Cooking rice at the top of Mount Everest is a joke for the writer.
  • People think that water boils at 100°centigrade which is no true for the writer.
  • The writer thinks that water does not boil always at 212°Fahrenheit.
  • At the increase of every 500 feet altitude, boiling point of water decreases by about 1°F.

2. Read the following text and do the tasks that follow:

Pratap Malla was vastly-learned king and a poet. He could compose poems in Sanskrit, Nepal Bhasa, Nepali, Bengali and Hindi. He also knew Arabic, Roman and English scripts. Because of his excellent poems, he conferred on himself the title of 'Kabeendra', a king of poets.

Himself learned, Pratap Malla had a galaxy of learned men in his palace as the Mughal Emperor Akbar - had. Like Akbar, he also respected and patronised the scholars of his time.

Lambakarna Bhatta, who hailed from Maharastra, Nri Simha Thakur, from Bihar and Jamana Gurubhaju of Kantipur were some of the jewels in the galaxy of scholars in his palace. He was also very fond of music. So, musicians were welcomed and respected in his palace.

Pratap Malla had five sons Bhupendra, Chakrabartendra, Nripendra, Mahipatendra and Parthibendra. He wanted his sons to have experience in the administration of the country while he was still living. He made each of them rule over the country for one year in turn. But unfortunately, his second son Chakrabartendra Malla died the next day he took over the administration of the country. Both the king and queen were greatly grieved at his death. To console the grieving queen, he made a huge pond in front of the present Tri-Chandra College. The pond is known as Ranipokhari.

Pratap Malla had a sudden death while he was watching the religious dance of Harisiddhi.

  1. 2.1. Choose and copy the correct answer to answer the following questions.
    1. Which one of the following would prove that Pratap Malla was a learned King?
      1. He composed poems in many languages.
      2. He was conferred with the title "Kabeendra."
      3. He had learned men in his palace.
      4. He promoted scholars in his palace.
    2. Ans: He composed poems in many languages.
    3. Which of the following is common between Pratap Malla and Akabar?
      1. respect for the scholars
      2. title of Kabeendra
      3. galaxy of learned men
      4. sudden death
    4. Ans: respect for the scholars
    5. Which of the following people was not among the group of scholars in Pratap Malla's palace?
      1. Jamana Gurubhaju
      2. Nripendra Malla
      3. Lambarkarna Bhatta
      4. Nrisimha Thakur
    6. Ans: Nripendra Malla
    7. What was unfortunate to Pratap Malla?
      1. having five sons
      2. having many scholars in his palace
      3. death of Chakrabartendra Malla
      4. ability to compose poems
    8. Ans: death of Chakrabartendra Malla
    9. Why did Pratap Malla have his sons rule over the country in turn?
      1. to help them learn administrative work
      2. to make them learned scholars
      3. to divide the country among them
      4. to get help for administrative work
    10. Ans: to help them learn adminstrative work
  2. 2.2. Put the following sentences in the correct order. Ans:
    1. Pratap Malla was a knowledgeable king.
    2. Pratap Malla was among the galaxy of scholars in the palace.
    3. Pratap Malla had five sons to succeed him.
    4. Pratap Malla's son died on the second day of handling the administration.
    5. Pratap Malla had a sudden death while watching religious dance.

3. Read the following text and do the tasks that follow.

New regulations for Nepali travelers on visit, tourist visas abroad from today

Kathmandu, January 24

The Immigration Department has rolled out a series of additional regulations for travelers heading abroad in visit and tourist visas for these visas are now mandated to possess a valid passport with a minimum validity of six months. Moreover, they must furnish essential documents, including the visa for the destination country, round-trip tickets, proof of accomodation for the entire duration of their stay, or citizenship certificates demonstrating a familial relationship if residing with relatives. In addition to these requirements, those visiting at the invitation of organizations must also submit the invitation letter from the respective entities or must showcase financial capacity by providing evidence of at least $500 in cash or an equivalent amount in debit/credit cards.

For travelers heading to the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, and Saudi Arabia, a self-declaration form must be completed at the Immigration Office, explicity stating the purpose of their visit and ensuring that it is voluntary and will not result in overstaying.

  • 3.1. Write 'TRUE' for true statements and 'FALSE' statements for false ones.
    1. Travellers, whose passports have three months to expire, can go abroad. FALSE
    2. Travellers without having return tickets can also travel. FALSE
    3. Travellers must present evidence of where they intend to stay. TRUE
    4. Organizational invitees must present the invitation letter. TRUE
    5. The travellers must pay $500 in cash to the Immigration Department. FALSE
  • 3.2. Answer the following questions.
    1. What is the news about?
      Ans: The news is about new regulations for Nepali travelers on visit and tourist visas abroad.
    2. What does the word 'these' in the second sentence refer to?
      Ans: The word 'these' refers to the visit and tourist visas.
    3. On what condition does the travellers require submission of their citizenship certificates?
      Ans: Travellers require submission of their citizenship certificates if they are residing with relatives.
    4. Where is the self-declaration form available?
      Ans: The self-declaration form is available at the Immigration Office.
    5. Who is the targeted audience of this text?
      Ans: The self-declaration form is available at the Immigration Office.
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