SEE model question 2078 English with answers

SEE model question

Welcome to my website! I have collected see model question 2078 english with answers. Do practice for your examination.

  1. Read the part of poem and do the given tasks:

    I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud
    I wandered lonely as a Cloud
    That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
    When all at once I saw a crowd,
    A host, of golden daffodils;
    Besides the lakes, beneath the trees,
    Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

    Continuous as the stars that shine
    And twinkle on the Milky way,
    They stretched in never ending line
    Along the margin of a bat,
    Ten thousand saw I at a glance,
    Tossing their hands in sprightly dance.

    - William Wordsworth

    1. Match the following words in column 'A' with their meaning in column 'B'.
      Column 'A' Column 'B'
      wander walk or move aimlessly
      flutter move about in a quick way
      breeze a board curved inlet of the sea
      bay gale, gentle wind
      glance a flash of look
  2. Read the text and do the task that follows:

    "Yogmaya had a two-pronged agenda, not just one" explained Manamaya. "Her first target was the cultural and religious oppression of the time. Her second object was our ruler, the Prime Minister, who along with his general allowed corruption and inequality to prevail. Our master, Shakti Yogmaya, showed us how these two evils are interwined, and she feared neither."

    Yogmaya launched a brilliant and a daring political campaign from her base in the hills of East Nepal. It took place during the 1930s, and ended in 1940 with her death, along with sixty eight of her followers who one by one followed her into the thundering current of the Arun River. After leading a campaign for reform and justice, Yogmaya finally confronted the ruler with an ultimatum. "If you do not grant us justice, we will die" she declared Juddha Shamsher responded by sending his army to round up the protestors.

    The tragedy that resulted remains a stain on the government. the Nepalese authorities covered up the episode and banned all mention of her. Her campaign was thoroughly expunged from the nation's historical record and almost lost to its political consciousness. But the powerful verses composed by Yogmaya. The hajurbani, survived and there lies the story.

    1. Write 'T' or 'F' for true or false statement:
      1. Corruption and inequality were promoted by the Ranas. True
      2. Yogmaya launched the campaign throughout the country. False
      3. The woman sacrificed their life by diving into the river. True
      4. The incident was a disgrace for the then government. True
      5. The Rana government destroyed all of her records, including hajurbani. False
    2. Answer the following questions:
      1. What were the two targets of Yogmaya?
        Ans: The two targets of Yogmaya were the cultural and religious oppression of the time and the Prime Minister who allowed corruption and inequality to prevail.
      2. What was the purpose of Yogmaya's campaign?
        Ans: The purpose of Yogmaya's campaign was to challenge the cultural and religious oppression and the corruption and inequality prevalent in the government under the rule of the Prime Minister. She aimed to bring about reforms and justice and confronted the ruler with an ultimatum.
      3. What was the tragic end of campaign?
        Ans: The tragic end of Yogmaya's campaign was the death of Yogmaya and sixty eight of her followers who followed her into the thundering current of the Arun River. Furthermore, this took place after the ruler, Juddha Shamsher, sent his army to round up the protestors following Yogmaya's ultimatum demanding justice
      4. How did Rana rulers respond to her campaign?
        Ans: The Rana rulers responded to Yogmaya's campaign by sending their army to round up the protestors.
        This was in response to Yogmaya's ultimatum demanding justice, which was met with repression by the ruler Juddha Shamsher. The tragedy that resulted from the repression remains a stain on the government and the authorities covered up the episode and banned all mention of her.
      5. What is hajurbani?
        Ans: Hajurbani refers to powerful verses composed by Yogmaya. These verses survived despite the Nepalese authorities covering up the episode and banning all mention of her and her campaign, which was thoroughly expunged from the nation's historical record and almost lost to its political consciousness.
  3. Read the given text and answer the following questions:

    Immediately wanted

    A reputed government secondary school in Pokhara with a motto of quality education is in need of an experienced, qualified and dedicated teacher for the following post:
    Post: Secondary science teacher
    Qualification: BSc.
    Required No.: 1 (one)
    Experience: Minimum 3 years in secondary level
    Renumeration: As per school's rule
    Good knowledge of computer
    Good spoken and written English
    Priority is given to the candidates having MSc in Physics
    Experienced, interested and energetic individuals are requested to send their handwritten application with the photocopies of academic qualification, current CV and recent PP sized photograph before 15th Baisakh 2078.

    Shree ABC Secondary School
    Pokhara, Kaski
    Ph. 9856029281, 9846054151

    1. Fill in the gaps with appropriate words.

      A reputed government school, located at Pokhara is looking for devoted science teacher who has passed BSc. Quality education is a motto of the school and the candidates can submit their handwritten applications within 13th Baisakh 2078.

    2. Answer the following questions:
      1. What is the deadline to apply?
        Ans: The deadline to apply is 15th Baisakh 2078.
      2. What are the essential documents to be submitted with the application?
        Ans: The essential documents to be submitted with the application are photocopies of academic qualification, current CV and recent passport sized photograph.
      3. Whom will be given to high priority?
        Ans: Candidates having MSc in Physics will be given high priority.
      4. What is the advertised post?
        Ans: The advertised post is for a Secondary Science Teacher.
      5. What will be the salary of successful candidate?
        Ans: The salary of the successful candidate will be as per the school's rule.

  4. Read the given text and answer the following questions:

    Happiness is something which we can't describe in words it can only be felt from someone's expression of a smile. Likewise, happiness is a simple or identification of good and prosperous life. Happiness is very simple to feel and difficult to describe. Moreover , happiness comes from within and no one can steal your happiness.

    Everyday we see and meet people who look happy from the outside but deep down they are broken Ans are sad from inside. For many people, money is the main cause of happiness or grief. But it is not right. Money can buy you food, luxurious house, healthy lifestyle servants and many more facilities but money can't buy you happiness.

    And if money could buy happiness then the rich would be the happiest person. But we see a contrary image of the rich as they are sad, fearful, anxious, stressed and suffering from various problems.

    In addition, they have money still they lack in social life with their family especially their wives and this is the main cause of divorce among them.

    Also due to money, they feel insecurity that everyone is after their money so to safeguard their money and them they hire security. While the condition of the poor is just the opposite. They do not have money but they are happy with and stress free from these problems.

    1. Match the column 'A' with meaning in column 'B'.
      A B
      prosperous extremely elegant
      contrary opposite nature
      anxious feeling worry
      luxurious flourishing financially
      divorce legal dissolution of marriage
    2. <
    3. Write these sentences in correct order based on above text:
      1. Happiness is difficult to describe.
      2. Money can provide a luxurious lifestyle.
      3. People think that the rich are happy.
      4. Rich people hire security for protection.
      5. Money may negatively affect social relationships.
    4. Answer the following questions:
      1. Where does happiness come from?
        Ans: According to the text, happiness comes from within.
      2. Who need more security?
        Ans: Rich people hire security to protect themselves and their money, as they feel insecure that everyone is after their wealth.
      3. What does money give to rich people?
        Ans: Money can provide rich people with luxuries and facilities such as food, a luxurious house, a healthy lifestyle, servants, and more.
      4. Why is it difficult to define happiness?
        Ans: According to the text, happiness is difficult to define because it can only be felt through someone's expression of a smile, and cannot be described in words.
      5. What is different between the rich and the poor in case of happiness.
        Ans: According to the text, the rich, who have money, are not necessarily happy and may experience sadness, fear, anxiety, and stress, while the poor, who do not have money, are happy and stress-free.
  5. Imagine that one of your closest friend Arpan Sharma has secured the first position in national level debate competition write a congratulation letter to him.

    [Your Address]

    Dear Arpan,

    I am over the moon to hear that you have secured the first position in the national level debate competition. Your hard work and dedication towards the art of debating have truly paid off and it couldn't have happened to a more deserving person.

    I have always admired your confidence, intelligence, and the way you articulate your thoughts and ideas. Your unwavering spirit and drive to excel in everything you do is an inspiration to us all.

    I hope this achievement is just the beginning of many more to come. I am extremely proud of you and I wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

    Please accept my heartfelt congratulations on your outstanding success.

    With warm regards,
    [Your Name]

  6. The following charts show the monthly expenditure of Suman Sharma. Write.a description of it in 200 words. Image of Mr. Suman Sharma expenditure
  7. Complete a dialogue between two friends who are talking about their forth coming SEE preparation using at least six exchanges.

    Friend 1: Hey, how are you doing with your SEE preparation?
    Friend 2: I'm doing alright, how about you?

    Friend 1: I'm doing pretty well, but I feel like I need to step up my game.
    Friend 2: Yeah, I know what you mean. The exams are just around the corner and we need to be as prepared as possible.

    Friend 1: Exactly. That's why I've been practicing questions from 10 sets of past model questions from all subjects.
    Friend 2: That's a great idea! I've also been doing the same. It's important to know what kind of questions have come in previous exams.

    Friend 1: Definitely. I think it will give us a better idea of what to expect in the actual exams.
    Friend 2: Agreed. And we can also see what areas we need to focus on more.

    Friend 1: Absolutely. Do you want to practice some questions together later today?
    Friend 2: Sure, that would be great. We can help each other out and improve our chances of doing well in the exams.

    Friend 1: Perfect. Let's meet up at the library after lunch. We can spend the whole afternoon studying and practicing together.
    Friend 2: Sounds good. See you later today.

  8. Write an essay on "Importance of education" in about 200 words. Use the following clues.

    - Introduction - mode of acquiring education - source of education - advantages of education - conclusion


    Importance of education

    Education is the most essential mode of acquiring knowledge and skills that are necessary for a successful life. It is the source of information, enlightenment and growth that shapes our mind, thoughts and actions. Education opens up numerous opportunities and possibilities in life and equips us with the necessary tools to lead a fulfilling life.

    In today's world, education is accessible through various modes such as formal institutions, online platforms and self-study. With the advancement of technology, education has become even more accessible and convenient. The role of teachers and mentors has also become more critical as they guide students on their educational journey and help them to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills.

    One of the key advantages of education is that it helps individuals to understand and appreciate different cultures and perspectives. It helps in promoting empathy and understanding and creates a more harmonious and inclusive society. Education also helps individuals to acquire critical thinking skills and to evaluate information objectively. It equips individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to adapt to changing circumstances and to make informed decisions.

    In conclusion, education is an integral aspect of human life. It is the source of enlightenment, growth and development. It enables individuals to understand and appreciate different cultures and perspectives and equips them with the necessary tools to lead a fulfilling life. Education should be accessible to everyone and seen as a fundamental right that can help to bring about a more equal and just society.

  9. Reproduce the following sentences as indicated in the brackets. [6 × 1 = 6]
    1. Everyone was busy there, weren't they? (Supply the correct question tag)
    2. Mamata bought some guavas from the grocery. (Change into negative)
      Ans: Mamata didn't buy any guavas from the grocery.
    3. He has been living in Pokhara for five years. (Into "How long question").
      Ans: How long has he been living in Pokhara?
    4. When Rohan came in, we were having (have) breakfast. (Put the verb in the brackets in the correct tense)
    5. He said to us, "Are you ready for your examination?" (Change into indirect speech)
      Ans: He asked us if we were ready for our examination.
    6. The last question was not answered by them. (Change into active voice)
      Ans: They didn't answer the last question.
  10. Choose and copy the best answer to complete the text. (Rewriting is not compulsory)
    Ans: Before Dipawali, they went to a (a/an/the) small town in India. They spent whole Diwali sight seeing. There was no much activity in the town. The streets were crowded with (with/by/of) people, and the shop were full of wonderful things. In the evening, they went to listen to Deusi songs sung (sang/sing/sung) by children round the Rangoli. One of the boys was (was/were/had) near them. They asked him how he was feeling (feel/feeling/was feeling) at the Diwali. He said that he was excited. He asked them, if they were excited (would excited/were excited/exciting) too. They were enjoying the night because (because/although/because of) it was so much exciting. It made them feel (feel/felt/to feel) happy. Then they went back to hotel. The manager and accountantwere (was/were/are) waiting for them. He said, "You had a great time didn't (didn't/haven't/hadn't) you?"
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